Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New resume? hmm...

As internet communicstion and bloggings became common, blog is very important to many people.

Through blog, they express their emotion, thaughts, personal ideas, their information.
It became one of their essentials.

There are two guys who claims that blog is your new resume. (,)

They said if you read the applicant's resume, that is not enough. you can get limited information from that.

But If you read their blog, you will know better about them and put them in the right position and hire them.

It makes sense. But to me, blog is very privit and personal place where I can be connected with my friends anywhere and talk something privit.

So I think it is good to get to know the candidates but their privacy problem is going to come out.

Of course, they will take care of their blog and the a judge will ask the candidate whether they can see their blog or not but I am little worried about it.

People have to re-think and very careful of oing posting and they are not going to do it often if it is against their company they wanted to be in. so I tink that can be a problem too.

Of cours, Joshua Porter is right, now a days, blog is business so you need to care about it.

but what if it is personal? blog is a mirror of themselves. right. but it is his/her free space, so it is not good if they are too care about what to right and what to not right.

considering blog as a resume is a god idea, but some problems come after. so I think they need to think more. or am I just to worried?


  1. I guess you are to worried. I agree with you on the idea of blogging but the way we express ourselves goes a long way and tells a lot about ourselves as individuals.

  2. I have mixed feelings on the subject. I feel as thought a company has no right to "dig" up information on as far as looking you up on any blog or social media websites. However, I do feel as that if you are willing to put up any type of content on the internet, bad or good, you give people a right to view it.