Friday, April 16, 2010


ROI.Return on Investment

I dint' know it would hav something to do with webs and internets.
I just thought it was something to do with accounting or business or that kind of field.

but after reading this blog and this, I get it little bit.

Today's social media is getting so important. and It is not too much to say it all the time.

So it become a company and business it self. As it grows, it became more like one, so

it became to have character as business and it means, it now needs more than just users.

Thats why I think ROI and every business stuff came up.

In my opinion, I think it is helpful to do ROI on social medias.

Somebody might not agree with me but I think like this.

Social media is now a industry and it has character of business.

So it can be treated like that. and If it does, it might grow bigger.

So I think it is a good thing. and base on this results and things, maybe that things

bring social media to the next level.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

social gaming!

Social gaming…hmmm it was not a familiar word to me. To be honest, it is the first time I heard about this word. So I searched it to know its meaning.

Wiki said, it is playing game, but in a way of social interaction. Usually not playing games alone, two or more people are included so they can interact.
The big purpose is to interact with other people through games.(
If you want to know more about social gaming definition, click here!

After read this definition, I did some more research to understand this clearly.
Definition is what is above, so I decided to find who is playing this game and what is, to be clearer, what kind of these games are, and how popular they are.

Result of Googleing and search in yahoo, I found some blogs which have answer that I was wondering and wanted to find. These blogs are interesting and have many postings about social gaming, so I like to share. I’ll link it bottom of this posting, so anyone who are interested, click it!

The first blog I looked in to are these. I wanted to know what kind of game are there and what is going on gaming industry, so I looked in to theses.

blog 1.




blog 5.



After reading this, I knew there are many games like poker, farm vile, zen bound, frosmo, penny drop, Zynga, Playfish, Playdom, crowdStar and the others as well. These are playing in all kinds of social media networking sites such as facebook, my space, ipad, and the other sites as well.

People play these a lot. A game like crowdStar and play dom, these had been downloaded more than 20 million MAU, with DAU at 2.56 million and 47.5 million MAU with 10.8 million DAU. (statistics are from )

Some of the games are not only playing in USA, they also expand their market to Asia. A game such as Frosmo.

Frosmo is a game that tournament and team-based platform game. It is popular among social gamers so they decided to expand their market to Asia. So now, people living in China and Asian countries can play this game too!
They have all sorts of games, so there are many options to choose. From kids to elders, they can choose games they like. They can raise pets or have farm and run them, or play zynga or cross words. It is for every age.

But most of internet users are young so, there are lot of games at their age. Like simulation games but still there are many games for all and it was good to have many options.

Now I know what kind of game they are playing and what is famous. My next question was who are playing these games. So I search again and I found this blog.

As this postings theme said, it was a big help and answer to my question.
According to this blog, 55% of social gamers are women and 45% are males. And in UK, 58% are women and 42% are men

I thought men are more game type but in social gaming it tends to be women play more than men. Among these female gamers, 38% said they play multiple times of game a day and 29 males said it too. Women more like to play with people they know (68% / 56%) and males play more with strangers (41% /33%)

I think it shows difference of gender. There are many types of people but generally girls tend to play with people they know. And I think women tend to more careful about being with strangers than men.

The strange thing about who is playing social game was the players age. According to this blog 46% of social gamers are over 50 years old in United states.

And UK, only 23% are young age gamers. The average age of social gamers in US is 48 and UK, 38.

This was really strange to me. I thought young people do more social networking so, they would play more. But somehow, olders do it more. So It is really strange to me. Maybe, younger people do more social networking but don’t do the game and olders do more games.

Social gamers are all over the age and all over the world! It is getting bigger and bigger. According to this blog, One hundred million(!!)

people are playing these games and about $1 billion(!!!) in revenue is expected this year(2010). It’s getting bigger and bigger and many companies are diving into the market.

It is a rising market so dive in to it before it is too late!:)

These are the blogs that I left comments.

These are the websites/ blogs that I read

Friday, April 9, 2010

future trends to social media and social networking

Everything changes so fast and they have a trend.

Social media does too.

I read two blogs about it.(Link ie below)

They said there would be more changes in serch engine, contents.

It is true. wile I am typing this, some where contents and search engine must be upgrading.

They will want more privacy. I agree with this too. In old days, they didn't want much information but now, you are preference is not option anymore.

There will be major increas on social medeia world, and It is happening right now! It is getting pretty serious too. now it is a one of business and some of them will have a agent for it.

and because of this, companies wil have policy about it. It is reasonable thing to happen. and I think some of already dose.

phones, are already so important to us. Even 10 year old kid carry it.
It is evolving.

It is growing increadiblly every minuite! It is even hard to catch up.

and we can't stop it, we have to follow it.

but in this rush of growing and future of social media, I am little worried about the reality.

Face to face meetings, real conversation and hand written letters.

I think changing is good but, there is something more important than virtual things so I hope everybody know it to.

These are the sites I read. I think it is good and I want to share with you guys!

( I did link it but somehow, it keeps error. so I just type it too.)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Internet changes.

like everything, Internet is changing too.

We have different ways to search on the internet and we can analysis our blogs.

which is really interesting and I think it is really useful.

In old days, If you blog, it is hard to know that who visited your blog and where the visitor lives. even if the blogger gets know that, it is not easy to know that things.

but know, you know how many people visited, where they live and that kind of things.

It is really interesting and helping thing to bloggers.

And the search engins are pretty interesting too.

by doing this the big websites are in competition too.

Internets change is getting really interesting. I wonder how far it gets :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New resume? hmm...

As internet communicstion and bloggings became common, blog is very important to many people.

Through blog, they express their emotion, thaughts, personal ideas, their information.
It became one of their essentials.

There are two guys who claims that blog is your new resume. (,)

They said if you read the applicant's resume, that is not enough. you can get limited information from that.

But If you read their blog, you will know better about them and put them in the right position and hire them.

It makes sense. But to me, blog is very privit and personal place where I can be connected with my friends anywhere and talk something privit.

So I think it is good to get to know the candidates but their privacy problem is going to come out.

Of course, they will take care of their blog and the a judge will ask the candidate whether they can see their blog or not but I am little worried about it.

People have to re-think and very careful of oing posting and they are not going to do it often if it is against their company they wanted to be in. so I tink that can be a problem too.

Of cours, Joshua Porter is right, now a days, blog is business so you need to care about it.

but what if it is personal? blog is a mirror of themselves. right. but it is his/her free space, so it is not good if they are too care about what to right and what to not right.

considering blog as a resume is a god idea, but some problems come after. so I think they need to think more. or am I just to worried?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

online collaboration

These days we can do so many things on online.

Not like the old days, we can talk, watch video, and chat.
and we can do more than that. we can attend calss on online, and take a test.
We can attend meetings on online too.

Online web tools are so amazingly improved.
Many software/or IT companies try to improve or find a new online program.

It is good that we can do many things on online, but I am little worried that doing something on online is too much.

It is helping, useful and convenient but we should not addicted or to in to it to much.

growing technology

Technology these days are incredable!
It is amazingly improved and it is still growing very very fast.

Now it can be used in having conversation through the internet
and they even can be used in military!

It shows that how much it got delicate, and faster and information or privacy safer.
because if something useing in military, it must be very delicate and safe!
so being used in military shows how technology grew so much.

and having conversation through internet,is realy common thing now.
at first time, it was just chatting through words but communication tools are improving too so now we can talk through it and see each other too!

It has been prooved so much!
I wonder what is limited to this improvement and I am gladly looking forward to see some more surprises.