Saturday, March 20, 2010

growing technology

Technology these days are incredable!
It is amazingly improved and it is still growing very very fast.

Now it can be used in having conversation through the internet
and they even can be used in military!

It shows that how much it got delicate, and faster and information or privacy safer.
because if something useing in military, it must be very delicate and safe!
so being used in military shows how technology grew so much.

and having conversation through internet,is realy common thing now.
at first time, it was just chatting through words but communication tools are improving too so now we can talk through it and see each other too!

It has been prooved so much!
I wonder what is limited to this improvement and I am gladly looking forward to see some more surprises.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah..communication these days is incredible...
    Now i do not mind even if AT&T or T-mobile cut me off, i got ma SKYPE which is totally free and clear.