Friday, February 26, 2010

New life at virtual world!

Virtual world.... hmmm. It is so common in these days.
In virtual world we can do anything and everything!
we can actually buy stuffs, make friends, study... everything!

a university has a virtual island so students can study and live there. Like this, there are many small virtual country od organizations exist.

because of that, virtual market is dramatically expending.
Virtual world, we have avatar. That represent him/herself in the virtual word.
Owner of avatar wants to make it better. They buy that clothes,shoes,house and that kind of stuffs. This is why virtual market is expnding.

It is so big, we can't ignore it anymore.
In my opinion, one of the reason why it is doing do well is it is a good and fast way to get vicarious satisfaction

for example, you want to by nice jacket. It is about $100 but you have short budget for that. So you buy your avatar a jacket with similar design in $1 or less! and you are happy with it.

I think it effects expention of virtual market to.

anyway, these days virtual market is growing so faster and bigger.
It is a good thing,but it is important not to fall for it to much.

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  1. The Virtual world is so interesting, i can just imagine myself in a virtual world shopping and doing a lot of things i cant possibly can in the real world and that makes it really hard to tell the "better" between the virtual and real world.