Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mobile everywhere!

Mobiles are very important to all people these days. No matter how old they are, where they live, what they do, mobiles are essential to everyone.

Its evolving evry day so now, we can do everything with them. We can chat on the mobile, take a picture, listen to music, talk to friend( of course!) find the words that you don't know(dictonary) now, we can find where my friends are!.

GPS in mobile is a not recent technology but it got better recently. GPS is a good thing to find a restoraunt, of a place that you want to go, and when you are lost.
but do we really need this to where our friends are? Isn't that cause a privacy problem? and isn't it expensive?

I know it is easy to find and very comfortable. and we can't use it without the friends(we want to look for) permission. but what if friend change his/her mind later to block it? or what if the person abuses it to stock them? Is there any way to block it?

GPs is a great thing for parents who are worried to lost there children or people easly get lost. but I think it has some weak points like that and I think it should be solved.
we can't not live without the mobile anyway. and we don't want any harm from it. so I think GPS, really need to evolve little more.

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  1. I think mobile gps definitely has its weaknesses which your are apt at pointing out. good post!