Saturday, February 6, 2010

Conversation with customers.

These days, communications are happening between many groups of people by various ways.
I think the most way they use is internet. Not very recently, but these days, companies and customers are communicating on the internet. I read about the ‘bob’ story ( and I defiantly do not agree with his boss.

In my opinion, what bob did was the right thing. He communicates with customers so they can trust bob, and more far, the company and their product. It is very nice to communicate with them and actually, many companies are trying to do it.

They make facebooks, or certain homepages that customers can use freely, and they even make a contest to encourage it. Media, Internet is the best way and cheap way to advertise their product and service customers. Not using it is very big loss in so many ways.

They can get closer to customers, and know what they think about current products, what they don’t like or do like, what they expect more or such things like that. Companies must use internet! It is great source of marketing and it is kind of crucial now a days. Of course, companies have to be trustful, honest, true, and clean.. They need to convince customers that they can believe them and have mind to want to purchase their product.

Company-customer conversation is now very very important. To make this work well, companies have to be honest about what they say and customers too. It is little but big thing they have to keep in mind. If they work like this in both ways, I think its win-win thing.


  1. I agree, I wonder if it would be cheaper to have a team of 10 people sitting around and answering questions on forums or some way online, then it would to have traditional customer service. The first was is way more personal, which people like.

  2. I agree that using the internet is pertinent for companies. By not doing so they would be losing out

  3. You know, Best Buy now has customer service agents on twitter. Pretty epic idea.