Saturday, January 30, 2010

Two face of internet.

Since internet has been used all over the world, many thing has been changed.
I think most of them is good way, but like everything has two sides, there is also a bad thing happened.

In the speech of Doris Lessing()I felt that I am reading the artice of 70s or 80s. when there was discussion of TV's two sided effects. I think it is similar to that.
I understand her speech and why she said that(I think..). But I think her idea is not good because there are many good effects of internet too.

Like Andrew Keen said internet is maybe full of amatuers and their posting can't be right but people believes it. but in another way, readers are amatures too. they can learn or see thins about their view.

I agree with the opinion that internet is a big threat to printed media such as books and news paper. As a novelist, Doris might have felt that too. But is not 100% true. Internet sometimes helps writers. like advertisting in internet and help writer communicate with readers. Once, when I was in Korea, I saw an interview about famous writer in Korea. He said he knows that internet can be threat to publishing industry. bur in the other hand, it helps him to communicate with the readers. He is about 60, and he decided to write his next novel on the internet, on his blog. so he can communicate with readers fast.

Like him, experts use internet a lot too. and not like the old days, sometimes amatures ideas are more creative and trustworthy than experts one. for example, like wikipedia()There are so many things include some new words that we use on the internet. In that case, internet users are experts to that, not linguists, because they use it every day.

I'm not saying that theses two articles I read is totally wrong. In their view(novelist and expert), internet seems like their veiw and I understand. But I think they are amatures od Internet. so they don't know much about it and say those things. Experts always can be amatures in some feild. I think people should accept diversity and democratic and open character of internet.


  1. The internet sure poses a lot of advantages and it is our responsibility to make full use of it.

  2. I think you made a lot of good points I especially liked your comparison to the debate over television. Also, I agree that the internet can help writers and not simply have negative effects.