Monday, January 18, 2010

Facebook's change and reality mining.

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First, I'm not sure I got it right..But I’ll start anyway.
Two articles I read are both about the facebook which I'm not familiar with.

These days many people meet on on-line. Because of these modern people’s behavior patterns, many internet communities has been created and one of the most famous and popular thing in U.S now, is the Facebook. Like many other websites, face book is also making some changes. I like the idea about social graph, but some changes, I don’t think it’s really necessary. I don’t get what is good thing about connecting and communicate with celebrities, musicians, politicians and organizations. They can’t do it before?
Do celebrities, musicians, politicians and organizations write the post own their own? In this article, they said “You'll be able to keep up with all of their activity in your News Feed” so, I think it is just like an article in newspaper or magazine (except that you can write comments to them). Why facebook need this? And about the changes in home page, they said “The new home page will let you see everything that's shared by your friends and connections as it happen” Is this good thing to do? I think its little privacy problem. I know every change is not welcoming at first time but do facebook really need this change?

The second article I read is about Reality Mining and Facebook. Through this work, we can find out social network in communities and where disease started and so on. It’s really useful to find out where disease started and predict it but knowing social network and predict what they are going to do is little scary. It is good to have wide on-line community system and bring them to our lives, but sometimes, it can be risk to our privacy.I hope there are some regulations, so people can’t use it in negative way.

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  1. I thought your post from the perspective of someone unfamiliar with Facebook was very interesting. Those of us that have grown up with Facebook have been lured out of the concerns you expressed about privacy as we have embraced Facebook and Google growing up. Taking a step back and really considering how much information is actually available online about me, and if Google, Facebook, or my bank's security was breached (an event that is in no way unheard of), I would be very, very exposed to identity theft or other online crime.

  2. I like your thoughts about facebook a lot and I agree with Roman that it was interesting to read from a perspective of someone unfamiliar with it. You made the comment that the change of celebrities and politicians seemed unnecessary to you but I think many people will enjoy feeling like they are "friends" with these celebrities or politicians. It will also be a great way for the celebrities and politicians etc. to reach their fans and communicate them outside of the news.

  3. The American Civil Liverties Union has an ongoing campaign raising awareness about Facebook Quizzes and Privacy concerns. They have a quiz for a facebook user to evaluate their facebook profile. You shoudl check it out:

    "Facebook quizzes seem innocent enough. But did you know that when you - or even your friend - takes a quiz, by default that quiz has access to most of your personal information?

    Take our quiz and peek behind the scenes!"