Sunday, January 24, 2010

The power of network,

The power of network is well-known and it gets stronger by the day.
It gets so stronger so, companies are no longer to ignore them.

There are many bloggers and internet users posting about product they use, or posting about their opinion about product/ company they purchase. Important thing is readers tend to believe their product experience or things like that more than company’s because they are in the same shoes. The consumer.

So companies are trying to make good reputation among consumers on internet by supporting best blogger or read many ideas and complain and reflect it. They consider about almost every complains and change service, advertisement. Not like old days, companied in 21C, even do the competition to have new ideas from customers. Companies these days are changing because of the network. They become more open, caring, good listener.

I think this is great aspect of network. Making communication between group and individual. It makes customers more powerful than old days and feels like they are more active to get their rights.

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