Friday, April 9, 2010

future trends to social media and social networking

Everything changes so fast and they have a trend.

Social media does too.

I read two blogs about it.(Link ie below)

They said there would be more changes in serch engine, contents.

It is true. wile I am typing this, some where contents and search engine must be upgrading.

They will want more privacy. I agree with this too. In old days, they didn't want much information but now, you are preference is not option anymore.

There will be major increas on social medeia world, and It is happening right now! It is getting pretty serious too. now it is a one of business and some of them will have a agent for it.

and because of this, companies wil have policy about it. It is reasonable thing to happen. and I think some of already dose.

phones, are already so important to us. Even 10 year old kid carry it.
It is evolving.

It is growing increadiblly every minuite! It is even hard to catch up.

and we can't stop it, we have to follow it.

but in this rush of growing and future of social media, I am little worried about the reality.

Face to face meetings, real conversation and hand written letters.

I think changing is good but, there is something more important than virtual things so I hope everybody know it to.

These are the sites I read. I think it is good and I want to share with you guys!

( I did link it but somehow, it keeps error. so I just type it too.)

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